We Read Big is a comprehensive literacy program designed by one of the curriculum coordinators, Adam Couturier, for Southbridge Public Schools, in Southbridge, MA. This ambitious literacy campaign aims to put high quality and high interest books in the hands of our middle school students. We purchased libraries consisting of 500 books to outfit each of our ELA classroom. The charge was for each student to read twenty minutes a day. The results have been outstanding in our first year, as we made inroads towards this ambitious goal. In our first six months our students in the middle school have read approximately 300,000 mins. Our goal next year is 1,000,000 mins. of time on reading.

This initiative is also rolling down into our elementary schools in the district, as similar libraries have been purchased and will be installed in classrooms for ELA instruction.

In addition to the installation of these classroom libraries, we are launching the next wave of our literacy program, the We Read Big Literacy Ambassadorship. The We Read Big Literacy Ambassadors are a select group of Southbridge Middle School students who are dedicated to spreading the love of reading and books throughout Southbridge Public Schools. These students serve as leaders and ambassadors to the three elementary schools in the district, Eastford Road, Charlton Street, and West Street.

As a district, we are committed to the philosophy that by exposing students to high interest literature, empowering student’s by allowing them to chose what they read, and giving them time to experience the written word, then we are setting our students up to successfully navigate life.